Parent Organization

High School Democrats of America (HSDA) is a national political organization that serves as an entry point to Democratic politics for youth activists from across the country. Thousands of our members work at the state and local level to advance the ideals of the Democratic Party, engage fellow students to become active within the American political system, and elect Democratic candidates to public office.
With our vast network of resources and chapters, we aim to provide a powerful and collective voice for politically-active high school students. HSDA is entirely student run and dedicated members from all walks of life have the chance to open new doors through their involvement in projects and events.
Recognized as the largest and most credible Democratic high school organization in the country, HSDA dedicates its time to three primary sectors of engagement: informing, participating, and organizing. Currently, HSDA maintains a presence in 47 states and territories, including the District of Columbia, as well as extending to Democrats abroad. By creating a platform for youth involvement in politics across the country, HSDA is shaping the future leaders of the Democratic party.

Local HSDA chapters, located within individual high schools, make up the pulse of the entire organization. Members on the local level – from the bustling streets of New York City to the quiet towns of rural Indiana – have club meetings at their schools, bring in candidates and elected officials, and involve themselves in campaigns in order to improve their communities and turn their states blue.
Each "active" state has an executive board of leaders who help guide and support individual school chapters and act as a liaison between individuals in their state and the HSDA national board. State chapters also help organize statewide conferences, connect members to state candidates, and plan major phone banks and get-out-the-vote campaigns.
The national leadership of HSDA consists of three main bodies: the National Committee, the National Staff, and the National Executive Board. The National Committee, which votes on proposals from the Executive Board such as bylaw amendments, consists of two representatives from each chartered state/territory – the State Chair, and one member selected at the discretion of the state itself.
The National Staff consists of members appointed by the Executive Board to provide input, work on specific tasks and initiatives, and essentially serve as an informal cabinet. Finally, the National Executive Board consists of six officers democratically elected by HSDA’s national membership the National Chair, the Executive Vice Chairwoman, the Executive Vice Chairman, the Communications Director, the Programs Director, and the Development Director.

If you are looking for more information, you can visit the National Website.

HSDA stands with those who have faced injustice at the southern border of the United States. We stand with those who are fleeing harm and come to the United States for safety. The current treatment of asylum seekers is nothing less than complete dehumanization.